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This website of SOS Kinderdorpen is built on the Kentaa platform. Kentaa is a product of Kentaa B.V, based in The Netherlands ( SOS Kinderdorpen and Kentaa respect the privacy of all users of this site and takes care to treat all personal details you provide confidentially.


An email address is used to enable users to log in and allows us to send you messages. If you give specific permission, SOS Kinderdorpen will be happy to keep you up to date about our fundraising campaigns and projects.


Kentaa makes use of cookies when visiting the website. For more information please read our Cookie policy.

Divulge personal details to third parties

Only SOS Kinderdorpen and Kentaa have insight to personal information and transaction data. For the handling of payment transactions, Kentaa uses the services offered by the payment provider Buckaroo ( As a result of that, Buckaroo also has insight to the transaction information. SOS Kinderdorpen and Kentaa will not divulge your personal details to third parties, without legal compulsion.

Data protection

Appropriate measures (technical and organizational) are taken to protect your personal data against destruction (accidental or unlawful). We thereby weigh the risks, the technical capabilities and the implementation costs.